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Fullness under the chin or a “double chin” is a common concern for all age groups and in both men and women.

Often the double chin is not the result of carrying extra weight but may be due to genetics.

In the past, this fat was removed surgically with liposuction or neck lift surgery but now you can have this fat safely removed using injections of a fat destroying product to melt away the fat.

Prior to treatment, a full assessment will be made and the expected number of treatments discussed.

Why choose the Ageless Cosmetic Bar?

Terry has over 20 years of experience between them in the cosmetic industry and are well known for their professionalism and integrity.
Safety is paramount and we always put this above anything else. Nothing is more important.
We are experienced, qualified nurses, with extensive training from cosmetic physicians.
We keep up to date with the latest treatments, techniques and technology.
Follow ups and reviewing treatment plans with our clients are standard, so we can deliver the best results and care.
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