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Ageless Cosmetic Bar is a boutique cosmetic service, located at the Barr Street Markets, Cairns. Locally owned, our cosmetic clinic offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic and anti-ageing services and products. All delivered with care and passion, by our experienced team of qualified cosmetic nurses.

Why choose Ageless Cosmetic Bar

Terry and Nikia have over 20 years of experience between them in the cosmetic industry and are well known for their professionalism and integrity.
They are experienced, qualified nurses, with extensive training from cosmetic physicians.
Safety is paramount and they always put this above anything else. Nothing is more important.
Terry and Nikia keep up to date with the latest treatments, techniques and technology.
Follow ups and reviewing treatment plans with clients is standard, so they can deliver the best results and care.
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Terry 0438 405 215