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Infini RF is a great solution to correcting sagging, loose, aged and scarred skin with minimal downtime and can be used on most parts of the body.

A series of treatments are required and the downtime is usually minimal.

Infini RF Treatment Applications

It is used to treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tone and textural changes
  • Scars and acne scarring
  • Sagging skin
  • Overall skin rejuvenation

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Infini different from other Radio Frequency (RF) devices?

Insulated needles, needle depths are variable and fractional non-bulk heating ensure that the outer layers of skin are safely protected from the heat while coagulation occurs for maximum collagen stimulation. This allows for safe treatment of all skin time and maximum effectiveness.


How long does a treatment take?

With an experienced clinician the face takes about 45 minutes to treat, another 15 minutes is added to this time if the neck is included. Please allow for an hour prior to treatment for numbing cream to be applied to the treating area.


How long is the recovery?

The initial redness and swelling usually subsides very rapidly within the first hour, and in most cases resolves within 24-36 hours. Rarely patients report extended redness lasting more than a few days.


What are restrictions after an Infini treatment?

Skin care must be prescribed creams only and sunscreen must be worn if you will be outdoors in the days after your treatment. Make-up can be worn the next day to cover any redness, though mineral make up is recommended. Use clean hands and towel when touching skin immediately after treatment. Avoid swimming and alcohol for the first 24 hours after your treatment.


How many treatments are needed?

Required treatments vary depending on the desired results. In most cases, 3 treatments are required but some patients may be happy after just 1. Yearly treatments can be done to maintain results after you have finished your course of treatments. Acne scarring clients should consider at least 3 treatments but may be more satisfied after 5 or 6.


How long should I wait between treatments?

Consecutive treatments can be done after 4 weeks. If this is not possible because of your schedule, the final results will not vary.


How painful is Infini?

The majority of patients tolerate this procedure well and would rate it a 3-4/10 on the pain scale, though areas over the bone such as forehead, cheeks, and jawline may be slightly more painful. Topical anaesthetic will be applied to reduce pain and maximise comfort during this procedure. The forehead can be excluded from treatment if desired, and most patient report no discomfort after the treatment is complete.


Can Infini treatments be performed on other areas of the body?

The neck and chest area is often treated in conjunction with the face. Other areas that Infini can effectively treat include arm laxity, knee area, scars from abdominal surgery and stretch marks on abdomen and thighs. Excessive sweating can also be reduce from Infini treatments in auxiliary areas.

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